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Our Services: Structured Network Cabling Systems in Charlotte, North Carolina

Category 5/6 Cabling

category 5/6 cabling Charlotte NC

Copper cabling is a standard among all infrastructure systems. Understanding the design and layout is key for cabling success.

Raised Floor Installation

raised floor installation Charlotte NC

More and more of today's Infrastructure are calling for raised floor installations in a controlled environment. (critical facilities)

PBX Wiring

PBX wiring Charlotte NC

We can maintain your internal phone system as well as your network work. Moving phones for end users and routing numbers from floor to floor.

MDF Wiring

MDF wiring Charlotte NC

Wiring a MDF or a Server room is a daunting task. Cabinets need to link up to an array of cabinets and a grid that will have you scratching your head.

Cubicle Cabling

cubicle cabling Charlotte NC

Office environments use modular furniture systems. Typical Installation of cubes and office furniture is key for the end user.

Fiber Installation

fiber installation Charlotte NC

Getting you linked up and connected is priority one for a network. Installing Fiber from your servers and switches or just patching in.

IDF/MDF Build outs

IDF/MDF build outs Charlotte

We can build out a complete infrastructure of cabinets, cable tray's, wire management, shelves and stack all of your equipment.

Demo Work

cabling service Charlotte NC

We'll remove old infrastructure like cabinets, shelves, ladder rack, equipment and cabling. So you can prepare to start over or expand.

Riser / Vertical Cabling

vertical cabling Charlotte NC

Installing the backbone of your system is crucial for your network's success. Whether it's Fiber, Copper, Coax or just regular category cable.